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Most of the pages in this website have space for 3 and only three banners at the top of the page.You can add a banner to any page or replace any American Gun Show Banner in this site except for the header of the pages

Cover Page Top Banner
468x60 - Banner on the cover pages Size can vary
Maximum size 15 kbs
Your company banner with active link.
The cover has only 3 banner per page.
3 Month $250.00
6 Month $400.00
12 Month $700.00

Cover Page Logo


State Page with a banner

Banner advertising works - We have 3 banners available on each state page listed below with no rotation. 
Show banners

3 months

$100.00 ea.
Show banners

6 months

$150.00 ea.
Show banners

12 months

$250.00 ea.

State Banner


Gun Dealers Special Section

Specials Banner - Banner can be linked to a any page you request - limit 12 Banner on cover page
234 x 65 or similar size banner
Size can vary call or email your requirements
3 Month $150.00
6 Month $250.00
12 Month $450.00

Dealers Special


File Requirements

Standard Files
File Size: 15k to20k max depending on product.
All exclusive no rotation on any banner or logo in the website.
Color: RGB color format.
Save As: 72 dpi resolution.
Save As: GIF or JPEG format.
Links: Link address must be provided.

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