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Americans are the Terrorists

By Donna Wasson

Despite the fact that 99% of all terrorist attacks since 9/11 have been perpetrated by Muslims, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have once again issued a statement that they view the threat of domestic terrorists to be equal to, or even greater than the threat of an Islamic attack in this country.

They're focused on domestic terror threats from "right-wing sovereign citizen extremists" who view all government as the enemy, and refuse to recognize local and national authority. There have been 24 violent sovereign citizen related attacks across America since 2010. That's a slow afternoon for ISIS.

When the DHS was initially organized, one of its early reports caused an uproar from millions of Americans. The agency named who they considered to be the most serious threats to national security: Conservatives, right-to-lifers, Evangelical Christians, 2nd Amendment adherents, Constitutionalists, as well as those who viewed the power of the Federal government as a threat to freedom. Nary a word about Muslims!

Anyone who is awake can see that the Globalists are actively dismantling the government of the United States so their totalitarian New World Order, headed by the Beast/Antichrist, can rise. They know they must subdue the American people because we won't give up our freedoms without a fight, but every time they pull a false-flag attack to persuade us to give up our weapons, it backfires. Much to their consternation, we stubbornly run out and buy more guns and ammo.

Net Neutrality The Government next utility they can charge you for and controlled what you hear and see.

If you like what Obamacare has done to health care, you are going to love what the Federal Communications Commission is about to do to the internet. You just lost you last line of free speech in America.

The FCC is expected on Thursday to approve regulating Internet service like a public utility, prohibiting companies from paying for faster lanes on the Internet. While the two Democratic commissioners are negotiating over technical details, they are widely expected to side with the Democratic chairman, Tom Wheeler, against the two Republican commissioners.

And Republicans on Capitol Hill, who once criticized the plan as “Obamacare for the Internet,” now say they are unlikely to pass a legislative response that would undo perhaps the biggest policy shift since the Internet became a reality

“We’re not going to get a signed bill that doesn’t have Democrats’ support,” said Senator John Thune, Republican of South Dakota and chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee. “This is an issue that needs to have bipartisan support.”

If the government gets control of the internet you will not hear anything thy don't want you to hear, the last truly free informtion network on the world that we can't afford to loose, as we are loosing all tour other freedoms.

ATF Trying to Ban AR-15 Ammo Under Guise of "Law Enforcement Safety"

In its never ending goal to ban modern sporting rifles, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has proposed new regulations banning common AR-15 ammunition, arguing it's necessary to protect the safety of law enforcement officers. The NRA sounded the alarm late last week.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is attempting to reclassify and ban the most common ammunition for the most
popular rifle sold in the United States as “armor piercing,” in what appears to be a spiteful attempt by Obama and Holder to cripple the supply of ammunition to AR-15 firearms that the President has long sought to ban.

When the government is so afraid of Americans that have a weapon that can defend them against a tyrannical government they will make up whatever it take to limit its use. When every hi-powered hunting rifle in America will go thru body armor then what is the real agenda here.

The question is since the FBI has stated police are safer today than they ever have, yet the American people are attacked and shot and killed at and alarming rate today possible as much as a 1000 plus per year. Then the agenda has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with limiting the American people from self defense.     READ MORE
The Unconstitutional Supreme Court and the altering of the Constitution

"Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them."      Miranda vs. Arizona, 384 US 436, 491

"The claim and exercise of a constitutional Right cannot be converted into a crime."   Miller vs. U.S., 230 F. 486, 489

"There can be no sanction or penalty imposed upon one because of this exercise of constitutional Rights."    
Snerer vs. Cullen, 481 F. 946

“With regard particularly to the U.S. Constitution, it is elementary that a Right secured or protected by that document cannot be overthrown or impaired by any state police authority.”   Connolly vs. Union Sewer Pipe Co., 184 US 540; Lafarier vs. Grand Trunk R.R. Co., 24 A. 848; O’Neil vs. Providence Amusement Co., 108 A. 887.

This is what law abiding Americans are currently dealing with in law enforcement all around the county by charging people with disorderly conduct simple because they are following the constitutional law carrying a firearm.

“The power to tax the exercise of a privilege is the power to control and suppress its enjoyment. . . . A State may not impose a charge for the enjoyment of a Right granted by the federal constitution. . . . Thus it may not exact a license tax for the privilege of carrying on interstate commerce. . . . This tax is not a charge for the enjoyment of a privilege or benefit bestowed by the State. The privilege in question exists apart from State authority. It is guaranteed the People by the federal constitution.”–Murdock v. Pennsylvania, 319 U.S. 105 (1943).

Why do we as a free people let our political servants violate the constitution at every turn without saying a word.

The prohibition is general. No clause in the Constitution could by any rule of construction be conceived to give to Congress a power to disarm the people. Such a flagitious attempt could only be made under some general pretense by a state legislature. But if in any blind pursuit of inordinate power, either should attempt it, this amendment may be appealed to as a restraint on both.”–William Rawle, A View of the Constitution, 125-6 (2nd ed. 1829). (Appointed by President George Washington as U.S. District Attorney for Pennsylvania in 1791).

The supreme court has no right to grant states the right to stop people for a driver license check just be cause it is a minimal detention.  Peoples rights cannot be even minimally denied because  of 9-11 or the supreme court wants to play politics.

With the loss of the Second Amendment so goes America.

Any Government or politician that make self defense complicated or impossible, puts and end to the citizen’s reciprocal obligation of allegiance or loyalty.

Any State that charges for the right to carry a firearm or charges to travel on our highways is forcing the people to convert a Constitutional right to a privilege by force. These are not privilege but constitutional right that are slowly being taken away by police power.

For such Government is little more than a criminal conspiracy of rogue politicians operating under the guise of constitutional authority

The very existence of any law to further a criminal conspiracy, thus in its self, is a perfect reason to disobey its commands

The American people must say no, for if you give up your right to bear arms all else is lost and you are then just a slaves.

"Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them."      Miranda vs. Arizona, 384 US 436, 491

"The claim and exercise of a constitutional Right cannot be converted into a crime."   Miller vs. U.S., 230 F. 486, 489

"There can be no sanction or penalty imposed upon one because of this exercise of constitutional Rights."    
Snerer vs. Cullen, 481 F. 946

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