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Office - 281-570-3383    Closed Sat. and Sun

he Department of Justice appears to be using its muscle to bully banks into cutting ties with legal industries that it doesnít personally approve of, and the gun industry seems to be the primary target. McMillan Merchant Solutions seems not to be afraid of
Erick Holders and his department of Justice.

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Liberty Isnít A Loophole.

They trusted us with guns once.
Now they're so afraid of us that every government agency has swat teams. The US Fish & Wildlife Service, Consumer Product Safety Commission, FDA, the Department of Education, the Department of Health and Human Services, the US National Park Service, NASA,
Oh and the US Military can now police in American thanks to the Patriot Act.

 Who controls the creation of money in the United States, We'll it is not the US Government. Its a private institution owned by a cartel of the most powerful bankers in the world, they print money and loan it to the US Government or they just create it on a computer and loan that.
 Its back by gold you say, Sorry the Fed has not owned gold since 1934. France tried to get their Gold back in 1971 and Nixon refused, this was outright theft, and all country that had given the US their gold for protection will most like never see their gold again.

The federal reserve is just another Cartel of criminals that since 1913 has gain so much power, they fear no country in the world and have refused to let the US Government audit them ever.

The federal reserve was begun with paid off Politicians under a rock, in a secret vote, in a secret meeting on a private island and our economy has been controlled by them every since. The American people have been slaves to that system every since.

 John F. Kennedy exposed in a speech the terrible folly Federal Reserve has created in the world. On June 4th President Kennedy sign and executive order 11110. This would let the U.S. Government print real money without the Fed, dismantling the Bankers  power. Six months later John F. Kennedy went to Dallas and never returned. Johnson threw out the order and no president has dared confront the secret powers of the Federal Reserve.

The U.S. dollar is floundering fast and it is not only America that will suffer. Many countries are directly tied to the U.S. Dollar, I HOPE YOUR ARE PREPARED.

War is when your government tells you who the enemy is.

Revolution is when you figure it out for yourself

The Coming Zombie Apocalypse and what guns would you need.
I have two trains of thought here, gun for bugout and guns for stay in place. First lets start with the stay in place. I have 3 in my family my wife and daughter like the Glock 17 9mm I carry a Beretta 92A1. We have 3 Remington TAC4 12 for crowd control. Finally my wife and daughter have AR-15s, but I prefer the LAR8 308, we carry AP round in all. That all we have in the emergency rack at home.
   Now for the bugout scenario beside  2 secret location with additional supplies we each carry a large back pack. Out of 3 of us My wife and I carry a Henry 22 Survival Rifle and 200 round of ammo each,  We each carry the 9mm we had for in place We all carry AR-15, My wife and daughter have 16" HBAR with red dot and iron sites. I carry the AR-15 heavy stainless 20" with scope and red dot. They all have 1-8 twist for heaver bullets. We all carry the standard 62gr AP rounds. I carry 140 additional rounds of Hornady 75gr BTHP Superformance match at 2910fps velocity from a 20" barrel.

One last thing, I started with the calibers and then pick the firearms. Let me explained, 9mm and 223  is used by most police and civilians of this country, plus the U.S. Military also has picked 9mm and 223. Most government agencies use 9mm of 223 for machine guns and 40 S&W for their pistols. I figured that If I need  some Sig or Glock .40s  with government agents, police, and many other segments of our government will be on the endangered species list and their firearms will be prevalent laying around.
The new tariff scam in many state - financed by the Obama Administration Drivers License checkpoint.
Illegal you say, well as most thing from Obama it does not matter. As long as the people let them do it, they will continue to violate state law and at some point this will be normal procedure because we let it happen. As cities are more and more financially strapped.

Safety is not and issue with most of these traffic stops, it's revenue gathering and getting the people to slowly except one more lost right.  DUI's are not constitutional either but like many people I just drive around them and ignore what they stand for.

Donít miss a thing with both eyes open shooting with the Burris AR-1X Prism Sight. The Ballistic CQ 1X reticle is made for ultra-fast shooting when the stakes are high. A black reticle is etched onto the prism so the optic is usable even without battery power, and simple push-button activation allows for instant adjustment between green or red reticle settings. Easy-to-see reticle hash marks offer trajectory compensation out to 600 yards. One lithium AA battery will yield up to 5,000+ hours of service, while the compact design leaves room on your rail for a flip-out tripler.

The nature of a CQB sight demands rugged construction and youíll find none tougher. Featuring tethered caps, flip-up lens covers, water and fog-proofing, and lens coatings maximized for glare resistance and low-light operations Ė all hand-fitted to the tightest, shock-resistant tolerances. Itís even night vision compatible. Feel confident with the protection of the Burris Forever Warranty. Read More

The SIG SAUER Elite Performance V-Crown bullet has a unique toothed cannelure located halfway up the shank of the bullet to more effectively lock the jacket and core. This feature provides exceptional structural integrity in a jacketed design, ensuring maximum weight retention and outstanding terminal performance.

Brass cases are TECHNI-CROMģ coated for enhanced lubricity, superior corrosion resistance, and reliable feeding and extraction.

The SIG V-Crown stacked hollow point design provides a smaller additional hollow point cavity behind the main cavity. This design, along with V-shaped jackets skives and scores provides controlled, uniform expansion at all effective distances and velocities.    Read More

Gun Shows - Short Schedule

July 19-20, 2014 Gun Show Salem, VA C & E Gun Shows - The Salem Civic Center 540-953-0016
July 19-20, 2014 Gun Show San Antonio, TX San Antonio Gun Show at Exposition Hall at the Freeman 817-732-1194
July 19-20, 2014 Gun Show Jacksonville, NC S & D Gun and Knife Shows - American Legion Building 252-745-5647
July 19-20, 2014 Gun Show Irving, TX Premier Gun Shows @ Irving at Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas 817-732-1194
July 19-20, 2014 Gun Show Windgap, PA Wind Gap Gun Show - Plainfield Fire Co. 610-393-3047
July 25-27, 2014 Gun Show Chantilly, VA The Nation's Gun Show - Dulles Expo Center 888-715-0606
July 26-27, 2014 Gun Show Big Town, TX Premier Gun Shows @ Big Town at Big Town Event Center 817-732-1194
July 26-27, 2014 Gun Show Sharonville, OH Sharonville Gun Show - Sharonville Convention Center 502-538-3900
July 26-27, 2014 Gun Show Fayetteville, NC C & E Gun Shows - Cumberland County Civic Center 540-953-0016
July 27-28, 2014 Gun Show Lubbock, TX Lubbock Civic Center, 806-253-1322
July 27-28, 2014 Gun Show Garland, AR South Hot Springs Semi-Annual Gun & Knif - Hot Springs Civic 501-767-2855
Aug 02-03, 2014 Gun Show Nashville, TN Nashville Gun Show - TN State Fairgrounds 502-538-3900
Aug 02-03, 2014 Gun Show Dayton, OH Dayton Gun Show - Dayton Hara Arena 502-538-3900
Aug 02-03, 2014 Gun Show Doswell, VA Doswell Gun Show - Farm Bureau Center at Meadow Event Park 757-483-5385
Aug 02-03, 2014 Gun Show San Antonio, TX SAXET Gun Shows - San Antonio Events Center  361-289-2256
Aug 02-03, 2014 Gun Show Raleigh, NC Dixie Gun & Knife Show - NC State Fairgrounds 919-781-1287
Aug. 09-10, 2014 Gun Show Round Top, TX The Real Gun Show - The Lone Star Gallery 713-724-8881
Aug 09-10, 2014 Gun Show Winston-Salem, NC C & E Gun Shows - LJVM Coliseum 540-953-0016
Aug 09-10, 2014 Gun Show Wilmington, OH C & E Gun Shows - Roberts Center 540-953-0016
Aug 09-10, 2014 Gun Show Robstown, TX SAXET Gun Shows - Richard M. Borchard Fairgrounds 361-289-2256
Aug 09-10, 2014 Gun Show Phoenixville, PA Oaks Gun Show - Philadelphia Expo Center 610-393-3047
Aug 09-10, 2014 Gun Show Brooksville, FL Hernando Sportsman's Gun Shows - Hernando County Fair Grounds 352-597-9931
Aug 09-10, 2014 Gun Show Shipshewana , IN Shipshewana Gun & Knife Show - Memorial Coliseum 260-483-6144
Aug 16-17, 2014 Gun Show Sharonville, OH Sharonville Gun Show - Sharonville Convention Center 502-538-3900
Aug 16-17, 2014 Gun Show Fishersville, VA C & E Gun Shows - Augusta Expo 540-953-0016
Aug 16-17, 2014 Gun Show Greenville, NC S & D Gun and Knife Shows - Greenville Convention Center 252-745-5647
Aug 16-17, 2014 Gun Show Charlotte, NC Dixie Gun & Knife Show - The Metrolina Expo Center 919-781-1287
Aug 16-17, 2014 Gun Show Berea, OH Ohio Gun, Knife & Military Show - Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds 330-539-4247
Aug 16-17, 2014 Gun Show Huntsville, AL Rocket City Gun & Knife Expo -  256-381-0506
Aug, 23-24 2014 Gun Show Centralia, WA Wes Knodel Gun and Knife Show - SW Washington Fairgrounds 503-363-9564
Aug 23-24, 2014 Gun Show Monroeville, PA C & E Gun Shows - Monroeville Convention Center  540-953-0016
Aug 23-24, 2014 Gun Show Altoona, PA C & E Gun Shows - Blair County Convention Center 540-953-0016
Aug 23-24, 2014 Gun Show Lake Harmony, PA Split Rock Gun Show- Eagle Arms Gun Shows 610-393-3047
Aug 23-24, 2014 Gun Show Augusta, ME Gun Shows in New England - Augusta Civic Center 603-225-3846
Apr 29-31, 2014 Gun Show Casper, WY Up In Arms Gun Show - Wyoming Fairgrounds 208-241-4005
Aug 30-31, 2014 Gun Show McAllen , TX SAXET Gun Shows - McAllen Convention Center  361-289-2256
Aug 30-31, 2014 Gun Show Gettysburg, PA Gettysburg Gun Shows - All Star Conference Center at Eisenhower Hotel 610-393-3047
Aug 30-31, 2014 Gun Show Wilmington, NC S & D Gun and Knife Shows - National Guard Armory 252-745-5647
Aug 30-31, 2014 Gun Show Concord, NH Gun Shows in New England - Everett Ice Arena 603-225-3846

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